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oleacc.dll installation failes

Posted on: SuperEdi

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2003-01-08 14:58:51

oleacc.dll installation failes

I already use superedi as editor at work (xp), and got to like it quite a bit. Now I installed it on my Win95-machine at home (not the unicode-version), but i didn't get it to run. The oleacc.dll was missing.

I downloaded oleacc.dll from, and tried to install it in dos-mode (from startup), but Windows told me there's a problem w/the file. I also tried to register it with regsvr32.exe, but got an 0x0000045a error ("dll initialization routine failed").

Can anybody give me a hint what's going wrong? I would be very grateful, since I would really enjoy using superedi at home as well. Regards, AN

Wolfgang Loch

2003-01-09 09:26:59

Re: oleacc.dll installation failes

oleacc.dll is a system file which does not exist in Windows 95. But there is an Active Accessibility Upgrade available from Microsoft which includes the file.

Alternatelely you can download the file
and place it into the SuperEdi program directory. This is a just a dummy implementation without any real functionality.


2003-01-22 14:07:39

Re: oleacc.dll installation failes

Sorry, it took me so long to say Thank You, but here i am now: Great, this works, Thank You! ;-)

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