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Multiple SyntaxStarts?

Posted on: SuperEdi

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2003-03-13 12:21:13

Multiple SyntaxStarts?

In case I did not just miss this feature...
For languages that use embedded html (e.g. php, jsp...) it would be a great help if one could define different SyntaxStarts and SyntaxEnds i.e. one for each language.
By the way (w/o wanting to be too smart assed ;o)) did you ever thought about switching the syntax definition files to a xml-like format?
Though being slightly disturbed by the mentioned troubles some people seem to have with se I am pretty satisfied for it being freeware. Great work.

Best Regards.

Wolfgang Loch

2003-03-13 12:35:46

Re: Multiple SyntaxStarts?

Personally I miss syntax highlighting for JavaScript within HTML files. So I think it would a great feature. If you have an idea how it could work, please mail me personally.

I've chosen this format for syntax definition, because it's used by another popular editor. This makes it easy to re-use existing definition files.

If you want to share any syntax files you have written, I would like to offer them for download on the SuperEdi download page.


2003-03-13 13:16:04

Re: Multiple SyntaxStarts?

Hmm...without taking a glance at the source code I can't do much more than guess.
Wouldn't it be enough to simply extend the recognized syntax identifiers by SyntaxStartAlt and SyntaxEndAlt? For correct highlightening it should work if one just logically ORed the existing SyntaxStart resp. SyntaxEnd with the appropriate new identifier. In case one strictly separates the keywords in the syn files there shouldn't be any conflicts...
But as I said, not knowing the implementation of the syn-file parser it's slightly more than a guess ;o)

Wolfgang Loch

2003-03-23 11:59:03

Re: Multiple SyntaxStarts?

Here we go. The new beta version SuperEdi 3.2.1 supports the keywords SyntaxStartAlt and SyntaxEndAlt. The HTML+JS.syn syntax definition file demonstrates how to colorize JavaScript within HTML files.

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