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Posted on: SuperEdi

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2003-03-20 14:15:10



Are there any plans to release the source to SuperEdi or to make the editor an activex-control? I'm looking for a lightweight, free text editor for my current project.


Wolfgang Loch

2003-03-20 14:52:50

Re: Source

The source code of SuperEdi is not public available. Please contact me directly if you are seriously interrested in contributing.

The SuperEdi edit control is based on a project by Andrei Stcherbatchenko, but it has been heavily patched to support Unicode and Word Wrap. The original code can be found here:

Actually, SuperEdi is designed to work as an ActiveX document server. Theoretically it could work within Internet Explorer (like Word or Excel). But this feature is not well testet, because I never need it.

Converting it to a normal ActiveX control is probably not easy, because it relies heavily on the MFC document-view architecture.


2015-09-06 19:07:20

Re: Source

Have you had any thought recently to making the SuperEdi source code public?

Since it has not been updated in a few years, I thought it would be good if others could submit modifications/changes via a code sharing site like github or sourceforge.

Wolfgang Loch

2015-10-02 23:34:40

Re: Source

Actually I'm thinking about publishing the source code. It's written in Visual C++ with MFC. The project structure may need some cleanup to make builds easier.
Is there anybody interested in contributing?

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