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ANN: SuperEdi 3.2.3

Posted on: SuperEdi

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Wolfgang Loch

2003-04-30 13:11:33

ANN: SuperEdi 3.2.3

Download link:

Changes since version 3.2:
- install ChangeLog.txt to application directory
- fixed version number
- use selected path in Explorer tree as initial directory for File|Open
- update document icon on load and save
- display overlay icons in explorer tree

- copy path names from all shell items (e.g. URLs)
- fixed reading of Macintosh files
- don't clear the file name in the address bar if the file was not found
- read shell items, e.g. files inside zip folders
- option to synchronize Explorer tree automatically
- don't associate with .txt files
- open files from clipboard (including URLs and shell items)
- new SendTo drop handler

- unlimited line lenght (previously 65536)
- synchrononize explorer tree (menu View|Synchronize Tree)
- open FTP files from the explorer tree (My Network Places)
- auto complete file names in address bar
- SyntaxStartAlt / SyntaxEndAlt directives in syntax files
- fixed a cursor navigation problem and word wrap mode
- increased timeout for shell extension from 1.5 to 3 seconds

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