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No Shell Integration/File Association

Posted on: SuperEdi

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Super Woman

2003-08-07 15:31:19

No Shell Integration/File Association

It would be nice if SuperEdi provide an option to allow the user to disable the
much dreaded "Shell Integration and File Association" feature.
For instance, if the user disables shell integration and file association, SuperEdi would hide itself (for good) from anycontext menus i.e. "new text document", "open with", "send to", and disassociate itself with any type of document.
If you want to see how it being done, check out the CrimsonEditor which is also free and also have tons of nice features.

Wolfgang Loch

2003-08-08 00:08:25

Re: No Shell Integration/File Association

If you install SuperEdi without the option "Add to Explorer context menu", then it won't display the "Open with SuperEdi" menu item.

The "Open With ..." sub menu is automatically populated by Windows.

Future versions will no longer associate SuperEdi with .txt files and not modify the "New..." sub menu. This change is already included in the latest beta version.

Super Woman

2003-08-08 09:09:39

Re: No Shell Integration/File Association

Thank you so much for your reply. This has shown that you do really care about your users' comments. This is why SuperEdi has been and continued to be one of my favorite editors eventhough it has a few annoying glitches. I am really looking forward to get my hands on the next release. Again, thank you for producing the world class editor and sharing it to the world for free!

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