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Feature Request: Custom Widget Colors

Posted on: SuperEdi

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James Francis Cerra

2003-08-21 18:35:55

Feature Request: Custom Widget Colors

I'd like to request a feature: custom widget colors. In particular, I'd like the ability to change the background color for the text area and the tab bar.

Wolfgang Loch

2003-08-21 23:44:39

Re: Feature Request: Custom Widget Colors

SuperEdi uses your Windows system colors by default. But you can customize all colors in the text area by editing the *.col files in the "Syntax" sub directory of the SuperEdi program files directory.

For example, to make the normal text appear yellow on blue, change these values in the file "Text.col":


Then associate this color scheme with *.txt files in the Tools/Options/File Types dialog. Note that the file type with no name is used for all file extensions that are not associated with a named file type.

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