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How to add an "Execute" icon on the "Quick Start" bar

Posted on: SuperEdi

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Mike Lester

2003-09-03 22:05:37

How to add an "Execute" icon on the "Quick Start" bar

In previous versions, SuperEdi used to have a default icon on the Quick Start bar for "Preview Documents..." . In SuperEdi v3.2U , this option was gone . Please advise how can I recreate this option ?


Wolfgang Loch

2003-09-03 23:21:27

Re: How to add an "Execute" icon on the "Quick Start" bar

I'm not sure what you're talking about.

The first item in the document context menu is "Preview Document". It will execute the default application that is associated with the current document. That means it will launch a browser if you edit an HTML file and it start a DOS box if you edit a .bat file.

To add items to the Quickstart bar, right click on the toolbar and choose "New..." from the menu. In order to pass the current document as parameter to the program, chose "Properties..." and type "$(FilePath)" into the "Parameters" field.

John Resnick

2003-09-04 06:54:52

Re: How to add an "Execute" icon on the "Quick Start" bar

Thanks for the response . Rather than clicking on "Preview Documents" or press "Ctrl+F5" , I like to have an icon that can do the same job, on the "Quick Start" bar.
Please advise. In my book, SuperEdi is the best freeware text editor on the planet!

Best regards,

Wolfgang Loch

2003-10-06 08:32:09

Re: How to add an "Execute" icon on the "Quick Start" bar

You can add an icon for Internet Explorer (or your favourite web browser) on the Quickstart Bar. Then pass the path name to the currently open document $(FilePath) as parameter to the browser. See also:

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