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File association

Posted on: SuperEdi

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2003-10-09 21:56:55

File association

Will there be another release of SuperEdi for Windows 98? I just installed Version 3.2 and like it very much except for the automatic TXT file association feature.


Wolfgang Loch

2003-10-12 14:13:03

Re: File association

Here it comes...

Since I don't have Windwos 98 anymore I would appreciate any feedback if it works or not.

For Windows 2000/XP use the Unicode version:


2003-10-12 20:38:40

Re: File association

Thank you, Wolfgang, for the quick update. The automatic TXT file association feature (for the Windows 98 version) no longer exists. However, now I can't access the Help files. When I click on Help > Help on SuperEdi, I get this error message:

Cannot open the file: mk:@MSITStore:C:\PROGRAM FILES\WOLOSOFT\SUPEREDI\superedi.chm.

A bug? Or something I did incorrectly? When I installed this beta version, I chose not to install the foreign language support. Also, I did uninstall Version 3.2 first. Thanks for any help and for a SUPER freeware program!

Wolfgang Loch

2003-10-12 23:40:19

Re: File association

Did you include the "Help File" option during installation? If yes, can you please check if the file C:\PROGRAM FILES\WOLOSOFT\SUPEREDI\superedi.chm exists on your system?


2003-10-13 11:51:26

Re: File association

Yes to both questions. In Windows Explorer, when I double-click on the superedi.chm file, I get the same error message as when I try to open it using the SuperEdi Help menu. And, of course, when I try to open the CHM file with either SuperEdi or a different text editor, the file opens but appears as gibberish.

Just so you know, I was able to open the Help files under the previous version, 3.2.

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