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open new file in same window

Posted on: SuperEdi

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2003-12-20 04:34:47

open new file in same window


I'm trying to configure my Explorer (I have Windows XP) so that when i double-click on a text file (and SuperEdi is already open) a new instance of SuperEdi doesn't open. Instead, i would like SuperEdi to create a new tab in the existing window, and open the new file in there. Is this currently possible?

Wolfgang Loch

2004-01-05 06:48:44

Re: open new file in same window

The easiest way to open new files in another tab is using the "Edit With SuperEdi" context menu item in Windows Explorer. You can also use the menu item "Send To/SuperEdi".

In previous versions you could also open .txt files by double-click. But due to popular demand I have removed this feature from the default configuration. If you want it back, you can configure it in Windows Explorer "Tools/Folder Options". Select the file that you want to open and click "Advanced". Here enter the same settings for the "open" action as for the file type called "SuperEdi Document" (extentension .superedi).

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