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Use of Perl Scripts

Posted on: SuperEdi

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Manfred Steidl

2001-11-21 20:19:55

Use of Perl Scripts

SuperEdi 2.0 comes with 2 Perl scripts: Hello.pls and MakeUpper.pls. When I try to run one of these scripts, I only get the message "Error running script s.". I have a working installation of ActivePerl - at least, it works fine with my own scripts. What is wrong?

tia MS

Wolfgang Loch

2001-11-22 02:44:28

Re: Use of Perl Scripts

Please check if PlerScript is properly registered with Windows Scripting Host. You should be able to start a script with the '.pls' extension via 'cscript', i.e. 'cscript MyPerlScript.pls' from the command prompt.

By the way, SuperEdi 3.0 has an extended object model and more example scripts.

Manfred Steidl

2001-11-22 06:05:50

Re: Use of Perl Scripts

Thanks! The problem was, that .pls was registered as WinAmp playlist. Now it works fine.

Manfred Steidl

2001-11-22 08:41:31

Re: Use of Perl Scripts

The Help say: "To run the script, choose the Tools|Run Script... menu to select a script file." This sounds great, but SuperEdi 3.0 has no "Run Script" menu item. I found it in the context menu, anyway. :-)

thanks again

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