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Feature Request: Find Pane

Posted on: SuperEdi

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James F. Cerra

2004-03-11 10:12:17

Feature Request: Find Pane

Is there any chance that SuperEdi could get a "find text pane" like Editpad ( does? It uses the best implementation of a find UI that I've ever seen! It's out of the way, yet pretty powerful with RE support. Dialogs are sometimes kinda klunky to use and obscure text in the worst way. A resizeable, hide-able pane could provide quick access to search features in a visually pleasing manner. That would be quite a killer feature, IMO.

(I can't use Editpad since I need to edit UTF-8 files. The program uses a horrible kludge to convert them into ANSI on Windows. Not good.)

-- Jimmy

P.S. SuperEdi is an awesome text editor. Very good job!

Wolfgang Loch

2004-03-11 20:10:49

Re: Feature Request: Find Pane

Visual Studio .NET has such a search pane, but I don't particulary like. That's because the size of the search pane depends on the size of other docking windows and therefore it's not the ideal size most of the times. I have noted your feature request anyway, because someone whoe doesn't like the docking window can still undock it.

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