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User-defined hot keys?

Posted on: SuperEdi

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Mirek Benes

2004-10-27 08:46:50

User-defined hot keys?

I've only discovered SuperEdi recently and am now pondering... A feature that I really miss, or am not able to learn about from the available help, is the keystrokes attached by the user to his or her tools (or clips or scripts).

In case the solution is obvious I am sorry for my ignorance.

Thanks, Mirek

Wolfgang Loch

2004-10-28 21:29:03

Re: User-defined hot keys?

This feature has been on the wish list for quite a while.

The user defined tools actually already have an associated data field to store the hotkey, but I could not figure out how to make user-defined hotkeys work while still having the default shortcut keys.

For the scripts and text clips I don't even have an idea how you could enter the hotkey and where it could be stored.

Courtney Schappert

2005-07-20 12:37:29

Re: User-defined hot keys?

Well, I used to use a program called "Webmaster" that used a great Hotkey system. The key definitions were stored in an editable file. You could edit add and delete the hotkeys at your whim. This system was used only for "clips" as you call it, and it was not used for any other shortcuts. It also gave two options for each hotkey: before text and after text. That way, you could specify what went before and after the text - but the existing $SelectedText varialbe would seem to accomplish that. So the question now is, what is the issue preventing the hotkey feature from working? I'm sure many of us would love to help out if we knew more about what was causing this roadblock.

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