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next version...

Posted on: SuperEdi

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2005-02-23 17:11:34

next version...


I just downloaded version 3.6 so i hope i don't bring anything up that was just implemented... :)
My wishlist for the next version would be:

1. a sortable directory window, ie by filetype
2. foldable procedures and functions (c++,x86-asm,...)
3. x86-asm syntax highlight

But already SuperEdi is a well programmed Editor. More than useful and easy to use. Good job.


Wolfgang Loch

2005-02-23 18:25:57

Re: next version...

1. sorry, but I don't understand what you mean. Could you please explain why you need this.

2. code folding not planned at the moment.

3. You can extend the syntax highlighting for your preferred languages yourself. Pleasee check the help file
and release your syntax definition files to the public so that others can re-use them.


2005-02-25 13:08:08

Re: next version...

Hi again,

@1: on the left hand side you have a directory window. When i there open a folder all files a sorted alphabetically, my question was if there will be an option to sort the folder content inside the directory window by filetype.

@2: accepted, because: no other choice

@3: i indeed did already for asm but the FunctionList Tag remains cryptic to me examples by other languages provided didn't actually help..., the help file, sorry to say, is not of any more use either. When Im done with the entire syntax definition i send it to you.


Wolfgang Loch

2005-02-25 14:29:36

Re: next version...

@1: Since a directory usually contains most files of the same type, I'm afraid sorting or filtering by file type would not be a big help. The file icons in the Explorer tree give you a visual aid for finding files of a special type.

@3: You are right. Althoug regular expressions are very powerful, they are often not very obvious at the first glance. Unfortunately I cannot describe this topic in detail in the SuperEdi help file. The following links may be helpful to understand the basics:
Note however, that SuperEdi only implements a subset of Perl regular expressions.

Anyway, the easiest way would be that you tell me how a ASM function looks like (giving some examples) and I will give you the regular expressions.

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