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Can be enabled automatic charset detection?

Posted on: SuperEdi

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2005-03-11 18:11:09

Can be enabled automatic charset detection?

In 3.6.1 I use Open feature to choose prefered charset for opened file. This works OK. But if I set SuperEdi as my default source viewer/editor for web pages (in Opera), the opened page will be displayed with wrong special czech chars :( I can partially solve this problem if I visit well-known webs where I define encoding in Options/Unicode/Default encoding. But for czech language can more encodings ISO-8859-2, CP-1250, UTF-8 etc be used, so I need the SuperEdi ability to automatically detect used charset for the current page (e.g. from the webpage HTML/XHTML header declaration). This option I miss in 3.6.1. Any solution?

Wolfgang Loch

2005-03-13 19:37:09

Re: Can be enabled automatic charset detection?

Yes, I think it would be a good idea to guess the character set from the contents of the file. But it requires to read the file twice, first with the default character set and then then again with the detected charactert set.

I will note it as a feature request.


2005-04-08 18:46:18

Re: Can be enabled automatic charset detection?

This feature in 3.7 works great! Danke!

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