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keyboard shortcuts

Posted on: SuperEdi

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St. Weasel

2002-01-14 10:02:59

keyboard shortcuts

Except for my one problem, Super Edi is EXACTLY the program I have been waiting for. It is excellent beyond my wildest dreams!

The only problem is there doesn't seem to be any way to set up keyboard shortcuts for clips/tools etc... This makes it a lot more tedious than it needs to be. Even if the ability to add maybe 5 scripts directly to the context menu (or to define hotkeys for the quickstart items) would make this the most powerful application for text processing I've ever seen (because of what you can do by calling any shell command OR any Script Host file). This one item (that seems like there are many ways to implement fairly easily) keeps this program from being a program I would use exclusively for development, develop extensive add-ins for, pay serious $$ for and even convince other people to pay for.

Anyway. That's just my opinion.

Wolfgang Loch

2002-01-14 11:04:36

Re: keyboard shortcuts

You are right, there should be a way to provide faster access to frequently used scripts. I think it would also be useful if you could assign toolbar buttons to scripts.

I've recorded your suggestion on the wish list, but I have no idea yet, how the UI for assigning sortcuts may look like. I can't add optional shortcuts to the items in the Scripts menu, because they are just plain files in a directory.

St. Weasel

2002-01-14 23:41:06

Re: keyboard shortcuts

Thank you most kindly for your quick response and considerate attention to my suggestion.

At the risk of now sounding like I am telling you "THE" way to do it, I will humbly suggest "A" way to do it, that I think would be the simplest

- add a field on the properties dialog box for tools in the QuickStart toolbar like the "Shortcut Key" field in the properties dialog for .lnk links in the English version of Windows. The behavior of any key press
indicatong that the pressed key should be included in a CTRL + SHIFT + key combination might be adapted to just CTRL + key -- as long as key doesn't conflict with SuperEdi's built in CTRL + key assignments. This should not be a problem as I think there are only (4) CTRL + key assignments in Super Edi currently.

- However you are keeping track of the tools in the quick start tool bar would be the best candidate for how to store the hot-key assignments. If this is not practical, there could be an INI file, registry setting or other configuration mechanism for storing this information.

- [too obvious to mention, but...] capture hot-key input (only caring about the state of the CTRL key). Match the hot-key configuration to the pressed key, and do whatever is currently done to run tools from the QuickStart toolbar.

Now, it seems that space on the QuickStart toolbar may become a problem, "BUT" that shouldn't be immediately necessary.

Isaac Raway

2006-03-12 21:43:16

Re: keyboard shortcuts

There doesn't even need to be a UI, just create an INI file and let the power users use the feature. This is something that me and another developer desperately need, as we are keyboard oriented to a fault (though not so much as to want to use vi, etc.). Please, please consider adding this soon. Creating keyboard shortcuts in a Windows application is trivial (, and adding it is the single most effective way to make the interface more powerful and useful, as it increases the ability of the user to enter Flow (


2006-06-02 14:50:03

Re: keyboard shortcuts


Wolfgang Loch

2006-06-26 19:25:26

Re: keyboard shortcuts

The current beta version 3.8.3 allows you to accociate hotkeys with user defined tools or scripts. You can assign them to icons on the quickstart bar (View/Toolsbars/Quickstart).

You can add executables, batch files or scripts to the Quickstart bar by drag and drop or use "New..." from the context menu. Use "Properties..." to change the hotkey, icon and other settings.

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