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font selection problem

Posted on: SuperEdi

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2005-04-19 08:22:45

font selection problem

Hi, I just try superedi 3.7 and find a problem about font selection:
I can't select some fonts such as Arial Unicode MS and other non-proportional fonts so that some unicode characters can't be displayed, would you please fix this problem?

Thanks for your great software - superedit 3.7 !

Andreas Loch

2005-04-19 09:13:24

Re: font selection problem

Hi Jimmy, Wolfgang answered this question one year ago:


2005-04-20 00:27:50

I am so disappointed....

SuperEdi 3.7.u supports unicode and various codepage, but can't support proportional fonts, how can I use it to display english and asian languages together? Currently, English and Asian languages (Chinese,Japanese and so on) can't be displayed together properly....

Andreas Loch

2005-04-20 08:07:41

Re: font selection problem

Searching the web you can find several fixed width fonts which support unicode characters, e.g.


2005-04-20 08:39:29

displaying problem also happens on fixed width fonts


Actually displaying problem also happens on fixed width fonts. When I set superedit font as a fixed width font (support chinese characters), its english characters are displayed as same width as chinese characters. In general,english character is half width of chinese character's.

When I use MS notepad and other text editor to open same document using same font, english characters can be displayed properly (half width of chinese characters).

Wolfgang Loch

2005-04-20 21:12:30

Re: font selection problem

Unlike Notepad, SuperEdi displays all character with the same width. If you want to edit Chinese text, you should choose a font with Chinese characters and set the script to CHINESE_GB2312 (for font NSimSun) or CHINESE_BIG5 (for MingLiU). In this case SuperEdi will use double width for all characters (including Western), but otherwise the Chinese characters will be too small.

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