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word wrap

Posted on: SuperEdi

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2005-04-30 09:14:18

word wrap

how to auto word wrap when each files is opened.(now I have to click the wrap button each and every time I open a file.
sometime find it be difficult to select text with cursor.

thank you


2005-04-30 09:24:16

Re: word wrap

no reply thank you.
as I think I can check the wrap box in option.
thank for this great stuff.
very good software


2005-04-30 09:32:59

Re: word wrap

sorry,annoying you,
as I go to option and check htm,html and checked the wrap box,save as htm,and html,but after this operation,I still have to click the wrap button upon each opening files to wrap the text
is I have mistake in the option setting,?
how to view html and htm wrap automatically as in text files?


2005-04-30 09:42:39

Re: word wrap

ok ,I know how to use it,thank you .
you need not reply me now,
I very appreciate this software especially the window-explorer like pane that open files very fast and this is why I choose this software.

But I have one suggestion is to have shortcut customized some editors have this feature to allow user customized their own shortcuts .

greatly appreciated your good stuff

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