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encoding problems

Posted on: SuperEdi

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2005-04-30 10:44:52

encoding problems

I edit htm ,and use Mingliu ,set chinese font as default.ansi encoding,my computer is traditional chinese computer.
after edit the content and saved it,I open in notepad,all the text become garbage ?????? etc,therefore I cannot use this editor ,I find it very dangerous to lose all my data after done some editing.
Is there something to do to correct this problems?
The same problem is the document cannot view correctly in some files,but can view without problems when open in notepad.the text content become ??? ?????? that is garbage .
I try to switch the encoding from ansi to utf-8.big-5,but all failed to fix this problem.of course,I have correct font installed already,.

I feel very like this software,but a little frustrating when I cannot edit the document.

Wolfgang Loch

2005-05-01 07:53:44

Re: encoding problems

1. Make sure you have the Unicode edition of SuperEdi. Go to "Help|About SuperEdi...". The version number should be "3.7 U". If there is no "U", it will probably not work with Chinese.

2. Select an encoding that supports Chinese chacters in the "Save As..." dialog, for example Unicode (UTF-8 or UTF-16) or Big5.

3. Select the same encoding to open the file that you used for saving. If you check the option.

Tip 1: When you check the option "Use Unicode identifier (BOM)" for saving Unicode files, SuperEdi (and Notepad) can automatically detect the correct encoding.

Tip 2: If use SuperEdi always for editing Chinese texts, you can set the default encoding in the Options|Unicode page.


2005-05-01 23:01:51

Re: encoding problems

YEs,my download have U in about,that is "3.7 U".

1:Now I can save document properly,that is I go to encoding option and set fron ANSI default to BIG5.then no gibberish or ????anymore,thank you for your help,then I choose BIG5 as default option.

2:Overall 98% chinese document can view ,but there is still 2% files render gibberish (for example:잾편잾皩ꎬി넊all characters rendered as above)after I open it and I test it in notepad,it is normal in notepad still.

Wolfgang Loch

2005-05-02 16:10:26

Re: encoding problems

Can you send me an example of these 2% files by e-mail ( and a screenshot from Notepad to compare?

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