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Hotkeys / Keybindings

Posted on: SuperEdi

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2005-05-04 21:28:47

Hotkeys / Keybindings

I think SuperEdi is a great tool. It has nearly all of the key things I feel are required for a good programming editor. However, one of my "requirements" is configurable hotkeys. I have seen posts referring to the fact that this doesn't exist and isn't a high priority. I actually think this is a major shortcoming as it forces users into using a specific keybinding. The macro scripting functionality is so sweet - but being forced to use the menu system to execute a script that I wrote is too big of a hassle.

As a a programmer I can appreciate how difficult it is to create all the functionality in SuperEdi. Ironically, hotkey support actually seems like one of the simpler tasks! For me to even consider it as my one and only full-time editor, it would have to include configurable keybindings.


2005-05-16 15:02:48

Re: Hotkeys / Keybindings

I can't believe I haven't seen any replies to this, either from Wolosoft or from SuperEdi users. Am I the only one that thinks configurable hotkeys are *critical* for a programmer editor?

Wolfgang Loch

2005-05-16 15:19:06

Re: Hotkeys / Keybindings

You are right, keyboard shortcuts for scripts and user-defined tools are still missing.

For common functions such as File|Save I'm going to stick with the Windows standard shortcuts.


2005-05-16 16:40:04

Re: Hotkeys / Keybindings

I have no problem with sticking to Microsoft's UI guidelines for standard functionality. What I need are custom shortcut keys to invoke macros. Practically every other editor with macros that I have reviewed has this feature, so I'm stunned that it is a limitation with SuperEdi. So many other things in SuperEdi are very well done.

Any idea on when you would have this implemented? I'd love to switch to SuperEdi, but I would have to have custom shortcuts to macros before I could fully commit to it. Until then, I have to leave SuperEdi on my list of promising editors.

Keep up the good work!


2005-06-20 15:51:41

Re: Hotkeys / Keybindings

I'm not going to bash such a fantastic tool, but I would like to comment that having either configurable hotkeys and/or button bar would be a huge timesaving feature for those of us writing and using custom scripts.


2006-09-29 01:20:25

Re: Hotkeys / Keybindings

I realllly need an F5 hot ket to assign to the Date & Time clip.

Any suggestions?

Wolfgang Loch

2006-09-29 19:13:37

Re: Hotkeys / Keybindings

With SuperEdi 3.8.5 you can assign hotkeys to tools in the Quickstart bar(View/Toolbars/Quickstart). This also works for scripts when you set the "Command line" parameter to the full path name of the script.

Unfortunately it does not work for text clips. But you can write a .js script that inserts the current date and time, for example:

Document.Selection.Text = (new Date()).toString()

Richard Eggers

2006-09-30 00:16:15

Re: Hotkeys / Keybindings

Thanks, works great.

Haven't figured out how to format from:

Fri Sep 29 15:07:21 PDT 2006
9/29/2006 3:13 PM (RRE)

Working on it...


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