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Word Wrap problems

Posted on: SuperEdi

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Renico Tomaslov

2001-09-05 08:08:04

Word Wrap problems

I am using SuperEdi v3b9 but could not make the "Word Wrap" option to work even for .txt files! Please give detailed instruction how to do this .

- Other Comments : I preferred v2.0 .It's straight forwards to use . In addition, it supports variable pitch fonts . Why a new version is worse than its predecessor ?

Wolfgang Loch

2001-09-05 08:46:56

Re: Word Wrap problems

Word Wrap works only for files, for which a file type has been defined. Please open the dialog Tools|Options. Here you can add a new file type, e.g. "Plain Text" and assign it to file extensions, e.g. "txt,log,ini".

Btw. I think it's not fair to say that SuperEdi 3 is worse than its predecessor. It has many innovative and useful new features, such as
- Document tabs
- Unicode and code page support
- Syntax coloring for most popular languages
- Context sensitive help files
- Integrated output window for command line tools and scripts
- Improved scripting support
- Improved printing with customizable headline and footer
...and some minor improvements.

Personally I never used variable pitch fonts and I used word wrap very seldom.

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