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Feature Request::: Minimize to Tray

Posted on: SuperEdi

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2005-07-05 18:52:05

Feature Request::: Minimize to Tray

Love the app; only thing missing for me is "minimize to system tray"; thoughts on adding it?

Wolfgang Loch

2005-07-05 18:58:59

Re: Feature Request::: Minimize to Tray

Can you please explain why you want this? If there's a good reason, I may consider adding this feature.


2005-07-05 19:18:39

Re: Feature Request::: Minimize to Tray

It would simply keep the taskbar less cluttered; it's probably that I use S-E as an [excellent] notepad/wordpad replacement [as I'm not a programmer, tho I do use it to write python scripts]; I'm a Firewall/Network monkey...

so I have about 10 other windows open, ssh; telnet; email; IP d/b, etc etc. So to minimize to the tray just keeps it "tucked away" until I would 2x click on the icon, etc...

Been using S-E since about 3.0; so it obviously hasnt been a big issue...just went to Help-->About, and then saw that 3.51 was no longer the latests...

thanks for considering it.

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