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Non-monospaced Font Selection

Posted on: SuperEdi

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Ted Young

2005-08-10 17:55:09

Non-monospaced Font Selection

I have some unicode text, which I can only see when using a full unicode font, such as Arial Unicode MS. I can't seem to select that font, since it only shows monospaced fonts. It'd be great to also be able to select any font, not just monospaced ones.


Wolfgang Loch

2005-08-31 20:56:53

Re: Non-monospaced Font Selection

For chinese text use the font MingLiU or NSimSun and select the script "CHINESE_BIG5" in the font selection dialog.

You can also select variable pitch fonts by holding the SHIFT key while pressing the Font selection button. But SuperEdi will not work correctly with these fonts. Actually I'm working on it - but there are still problems with word wrapping and synchronization of multiple editor areas.

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