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newline & tab char in search/replace

Posted on: SuperEdi

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2005-08-31 20:25:45

newline & tab char in search/replace

Ok, this seems like a simple one...but I'm at a loss, so I'll post it to the forum.

Trying to elliminate 4 newlines [aka cr/lf];
Also trying to replace 3 tabs [w/ nothing...]

I've tried doing a search/replace by searching for:::
with no luck...
copying & pasting works for tabs [they show up in the s/r dialog as blocks]
copying & pasting doesn't work for newlines.

thoughts, suggestions, what am I missing?

Wolfgang Loch

2005-08-31 20:48:49

Re: newline & tab char in search/replace

Go to the menu "Tools/Scripts/Texts/Replace in Documents.html"
Search what: \r\n (or \t)
Replace with:
Tick [x] Regular Expression
Click "Replace All"

Note that the text in "Replace with" is literal. That means you cannot replace something with a tab or newline.

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