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How to uninstall QBrowser

Posted on: QBrowser

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Wolfgang Loch

2004-09-24 19:58:47

How to uninstall QBrowser

Recently there have been some people asking how to uninstall QBrowser. Therefore here are the instructions:

1. Go to Start | Control Panel | Add or Remove Software
2. Search for "WoLoSoft QBrowser 1.5.9"
3. Click "Remove".

If "WoLoSoft QBrowser" is not found in the list, then you don't have WoLoSoft QBrowser.

It is possible that you have installed a different program with a similar name. Please contact the vendor of that software for further information.

Please note that WoLoSoft QBrowser must be installed explicitely using a standard Windows installation program. It will never install itself.


2016-02-25 13:46:23

Re: How to uninstall QBrowser

damebroocash putrasindeka

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