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And Tortoise ?

Posted on: CVS Shell Extension

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Charles Toud

2004-01-26 23:27:00

And Tortoise ?

What difference between cvs-ext and tortoiseCVS ?
Why shall I change Tortoise with CVS-ext ?


Wolfgang Loch

2004-01-27 09:57:32

Re: And Tortoise ?

Nobody said you should change to CVS-ext. If you're satisfied with Tortoise, keep using it.

Some advantages of CVS-ext are:
- It's mean and lean. The compiled version takes less than 300 KBytes and has no other depencencies, except for cvs.exe.
- It's fast. In fact it's almost as fast as the commad-line version.
- It's compatible. It uses the cvs.exe command-line tool compiled from the original multi-platform source tree. You can easily update to a new CVS version simply by exchanging the cvs.exe program.
- It's unintrusive. Except for small icon overlays you won't see anything of CVS-ext, unless you configure it to show more details
- It's flexible. With the "custom command" menu, you can start any command-line operation on the selected file(s) using CVS or any other command-line tool.

I'm sure, Tortoise has it's specific advantages. Too many to mention here :)

The main difference is that Tortoise aims to be a complete out-of-the-box version control system, whereas CVS-ext is merely a convenient wrapper for the cvs.exe command-line tool.

Charles Toud

2004-01-28 23:26:14

Re: And Tortoise ?

Thank you for this details.
In fact, I'll keep Tortoise.
1st reason : I'm working on Win98.
2nd reason : I don't see any difference betwen both products.

Best regards,

Bill Rawlinson

2004-08-22 02:39:48

Re: And Tortoise ?

I use tortoise as well but this looks like it may be slightly better for me - since we have a cvs server on a separate Linux box. As far as basic interaction between client and server are there any features that you know of that tortoise has that cvs-ext doesn't?

For instance, can I use cvs-ext from the file open dialog?


Wolfgang Loch

2004-08-22 07:25:21

Re: And Tortoise ?

cvs-ext does not have any client/server features of its own, because it uses the command-line version of cvs.

In the File/Open dialog you can see the overlay icons and extra columns. You can also use the context menu extension.

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