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Posted on: SuperEdi

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2006-03-08 15:35:48


Do the recent versions of SuperEdi still insist on using Window's registry for storing configuration data? i.e. Still not a viable "portable" application for use on USB pendrives...doesn't retain it's configuration across machines?

Wolfgang Loch

2006-03-08 17:43:05

Re: Registry

SuperEdi 3.8.x does no longer depend on external DLL files. That means, you can just copy the SuperEdi.exe file on the USB stick.

However, in order to use the full functionality and store custom preferences, you must still use the installation program.


2006-03-08 18:23:07

Re: Registry

Thank you for the info. I guess my follow-up would be a feature suggestion to give users the option of having SuperEdi use an .INI file within the executable's directory to store all settings and configurations (using relative path references of course since USB sticks can get different Drive Letter assignments on different machines).
Again, thank you for the response and consideration.


2006-03-23 15:08:55

Re: Registry

Fully agreed&supported to save settings into .ini file instead of registry.

Mark Burchard

2006-04-27 19:47:04

Re: Registry

Is there any chance of this happening in the next couple of releases? I am currently using this software on my flash drive, and having the full functionality would be outstanding! Great software!!!!


2006-05-20 13:50:45

Re: Registry

I also whould found it veeery nice
to have SuperEdi to store his settings
in an INI file.
So i can use SE on diff computers
without mess up there Registry
with items only needed once.
I whould leave no tracks.
And i whould have all my settings
with me on my thumps-drive :-)

> SuperEdi 3.8.x does no longer depend on external DLL files.

Thumps Up!! Thank you very much.

Please, please Mr. Loch, can we
suspect to get the INI file in the next release please ;-)

I whould than suggest this this way:
SE looks,
IF a INI in the program folder (near the SE.exe)
than use this INI.
ELSE use the INI from the user profile folder.


2007-04-01 14:30:42

Re: Registry

No answer from WoLoSoft since one year.
Is there no interest by the author to answer to user question?

so please...are there any news on ini support?
I am a mobile person, i want my editor cames
with me with all my settings and start from Thump-Drive
and leave no mess on other PCs in the registry.

Can we please have an portable SuperEdi? ;-)


Wolfgang Loch

2007-04-01 23:11:18

Re: Registry

Unfortunately it is not possible to support all features of SuperEdi without a proper installation. Anyway, if you accept certain limitations, you can still just start SuperEdi.exe and use it anywhere.

Here are some additional tips for using SuperEdi from removable media:


2007-04-06 23:29:06

Re: Registry

Thank you Wolfgang for the answer.
I will take a look if this is handy.
Thank you for your work!


2007-10-27 19:32:15

Re: Registry

To Wolfgang Loch.
I have found a site of portable apps.
This site is winPenPack at url
With it's launcher You can make portable (every) application, because this program emulate registry entries in a file on local drive (usb or hard disk).
En fact You must make a full installation, after this You copy the installation folder in a usb key and with this launcher configured (launcher will a INI file with all registry entries required from SE) You can use SE in every drive/s.
Finally You can uninstall SE and launch it (with the installer configured) from USB drive.
I ask to Wolfgang Loch if You accept that SuperEdi is make (full) portable....

Thank for Your response.

Wolfgang Loch

2007-10-29 22:16:50

Re: Registry

Unfortunately I can't understand the instructions for winpenpack because it's only available in Italian.

But if someone wants to give it a try, that would be fine with me. When you send me the resulting launcher configuration, I would include it with future SuperEdi versions.

In order to enable all features in SuperEdi, you will need to know the Registry keys that are installed by the SuperEdi Setup program. This InnoSetup script may help you with that:

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