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cvs-ext license

Posted on: CVS Shell Extension

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Ricardo SIGNES

2002-12-07 08:30:26

cvs-ext license

How is cvs-ext licensed?

Wolfgang Loch

2002-12-07 13:27:43

Re: cvs-ext license

Actually I have not decided for a particular license yet. I think want to keep it for free. However, I don't understand the differences beween the license models for free software. If you want to suggest a particular license, let me know why.

At the moment you can use it "as is", i.e. download, install and use it if you like it. There are no restrictions and no warranties.

You may get the source code if you are honestly interrested in contributing to the development.

Ricardo SIGNES

2002-12-07 13:53:42

Re: cvs-ext license

I've got an interest in a great product called TortoiseCVS, which you can find at

It's a similar thing: a shell extension for Win32 that makes using CVS a breeze for non-technical folks. It also makes it easier for quick use by anyone.

That product is released under the most common license (I believe) for free software, the GNU Public License. The GNU Public License (GPL), makes the software free -- not only in cost, but in every respect. Users are free to modify, redistribute, and use the software in any way they like, but they may never stop the software from being free. This would ensure that your last demand is satisfied: if someone gets the source code and makes changes (and plans to release them to anyone) they must release the source as well, meaning that the changes can be incorporated into cvs-ext itself! At worst, they will obtain the source and do nothing with it. At best, they will write good extensions and fix bugs, and these improvements can be merged into the main trunk.

Were cvs-ext GPL, it could be cross-pollinated with TortoiseCVS so that each could become better. I highly reccomend you consider the GPL.

For what it's worth, CVS itself and CVSNT are released under the GPL.

If you'd like more information, feel free to reply. I'll email you.


2007-04-11 15:11:54

Re: cvs-ext license


How to get CVS software; i tried on but unable to understand how to download from this server;

Please suggest me.. how to get CVS on windows:

thanks in advance.

Wolfgang Loch

2007-04-11 18:31:19

Re: cvs-ext license

I found a recent cvs.exe binary (client only):

But I recommend you to start with CVSNT. The "CVSNT Open Source" package contains a compatible cvs.exe client and a server version that works on Windows as well as Unix:

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