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Installation instructions

Posted on: CVS Shell Extension

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Wolfgang Loch

2002-12-09 01:14:52

Installation instructions

> Could you point me to installation
> instructions for this tool.

CVSExt has been tested on Windwos 2000 and XP only. Other Windows version should work too, but with limited functionality.

1. Make sure to have cvs.exe in your PATH.
2. Download the setup program
3. Run the septup program from an account with Administrator privileges and answer any questions with YES or OK

Note: to do a checkout you will have to use the good ol' command line. Once a module is checked out, you can do all CVS stuff from the Explorer context menu.

Carl Brenton

2003-05-02 09:14:38

Re: Installation instructions

How do I uninstall this CVS shell completely?

Wolfgang Loch

2003-05-02 11:05:57

Re: Installation instructions

1. Go to Start / Control Panel / Add/Remove Software
2. Select "WoLoSoft CVS Shell Extension"
3. Press "Change/Remove"

A reboot may be required to complete the process.


2003-08-01 04:58:09

Re: Installation instructions

I have installed CVS Shell Extension but i didn't get anything in the explorer context menu.

I have windows XP and also cvs.exe in my PATH. I even rebooted the PC to see if it works better.

I have Administrator privileges.

I've also installed other applications which setted some options in the context menu.

Any Idea ?

Wolfgang Loch

2003-08-01 05:42:27

Re: Installation instructions

Do you already have a directory with a CVS sandbox? You will notice almost nothing if there are no CVS sub directories, except when you hold the shift key down for the context menu.

If you already have a CVS sandbox, please check if you see the following features:
- overlay icons (red or blue)
- Explorer menu 'View/Explorer Bar/CVS Output'
- CVS property pages on files that are under version control
- CVS columns (menu View/Choose Columns)


2003-08-04 01:07:46

Re: Installation instructions

It's ok now.
Thanks a lot for the information.

Ken Tuchman

2003-12-17 11:31:43

Re: Installation instructions

I installed version 1,5,9,0 on W2K SP4. I see the overlay icons in Explorer, but I don't see the CVS columns. The CVS context menu shows Update, Diff, Remove, Custom Command, and Options. Under Options|Tools, the "CVS Program" area is always blank. Whenever I change an entry here, Apply is always grey.

Ken Tuchman

2003-12-17 11:48:09

Re: Installation instructions

I just got the columns to work - needed to go into View|Chose Columns in Explorer. I use Total Commander at exclusively as my File Manager. It would be great if CVS Shell Extension worked with it!

Wolfgang Loch

2003-12-17 14:54:22

Re: Installation instructions

a) Yes, the "Apply" button doesn't work. Simply use "OK" instead.
b) If your cvs.exe is found via the PATH environment variable, then you can leave the CVS Tool entry empty.
c) Yes, it would be great if Total Commander would support custom columns like Windows Explorer.

Luis Suarez

2004-02-26 15:28:31

Re: Installation instructions


I am having the same problems of M. Tusca above (no explorer context). Cvs in on the path, I have admin privs, XP Home operating system, and have rebooted. I read the response to Wolfgang Loch but I do not know what "directory with a CVS sandbox" means. I have:
- Explorer menu 'View/Explorer Bar/CVS Output'-- done.
- under menu View > "Choose Columns" there is nothing called "CVS columns"
Where can I find information on these subjects?

Any help you can provide will be most appreciated,

Wolfgang Loch

2004-02-26 16:11:40

Re: Installation instructions

The "sandbox" is the directory where your local files are stored. You must get the local files from CVS using the "cvs checkout" command on the command prompt. See CVS manual:

CVS Shell Extension is only useful if you alread have a CVS sandbox.

Dan Dascalescu

2005-07-30 01:49:52

Re: Installation instructions

Is there somewhere a document explaining gow to get CVS-ext working but NOT assuming you have CVS.EXE installed and everything configured? An example with a public CVS (such as those from Sourceforge) would greatly help.

I'm rather new to CVS so some of my comments may seem stupid but this is exactly why they can be helpful - they can make CVS-ext very easy to use by CVS beginners.

For example, I want to use CVS for the Win32::GUI package at

So I downloaded CVS from
then... CVS-ext is useless at this stage. It would be nice if there was something like a New context menu entry to create a new directory structure, login to the repository and checkout.

Finally I used the command line CVS.EXE to checkout Win32-GUI (by the way, how do you figure the name of the module to check out? Is there a barebones CVS browser capability in CVS-ext?).

I did that check out while having an Explorer open to the folder where I checked out Win32-GUI. Nothing happened after checking out. I had to restart Explorer and go to the same folder again to see the overlay icons. That didn't bother me much, however.

OK, at this point I deleted one file from the Win32-GUI folder, right clicked the folder and chose "Update". This was the output shown in the CVS Output windows:

>cvs -q update -d -P .
cvs update: nothing known about Win32-GUI

Now what?

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