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Very nice! A few questions, though

Posted on: CVS Shell Extension

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Brent Stroh

2004-07-28 14:15:43

Very nice! A few questions, though

I was able to find the new optional columns and the new tabs on the properties page, so I'm able to take advantage of CVSExt.

I did notice a few quirks I wanted to mention.

My new CVS columns weren't saved as part of the folder information until the third time I added them.

The CVS Status column seems to show a lot of modified filed that aren't actually modified. I haven't found a pattern to this, yet.

I'm not seeing the overlay icons at all.

Still, the context menu integration is a major productivity boost - thanks for your effort.

Wolfgang Loch

2004-07-28 14:44:33

Re: Very nice! A few questions, though

Did you find this documentation?

I too haven't figured out when Windows Explorer saves the column settings and for which folders these settings apply.

If some unmodified files appear as modified, the most likely reason is that you use different CVS clients. For example WinCVS uses a different date format than stanard CVS from If you check-out the repository on the command line and from then only use CVS Shell Extension or the command line, then there should be no problems. At least that's true for NTFS. If you have a FAT file system, you may need to run an "cvs update" when daylight saving time starts and ends.

The overlay icons don't work on Windows 95 and 98. I have tested only Windows 2000 and XP, but on Windows 2003 and Windows ME they /shoud/ work.

Brent Stroh

2004-07-28 14:56:23

Re: Very nice! A few questions, though

Yep, I found the documentation page.

I'm using the command-line cvs.exe from cvsnt v2.0.41a for my checkouts. In my experimentation, I deleted one of the files showing up as modified, removed it from CVS\Entries, and used 'cvs up <file>' to check it back out. It immediately showed up as modified in Explorer.

I'm using NTFS on XP Pro, so now I'm really curious about the overlay icons.

If I get some free time, I'll check out the CVS package at and see if I get a different result.

Regardless, this stuff is pretty trivial - I wish I would have found this a long time ago. :) Thanks for the quick response.

Brent Stroh

2004-07-28 16:08:48

Re: Very nice! A few questions, though

Looks like the timestamps written to Entries are off by an hour when I use the CVSNT cvs.exe; if I switch to the latest from, I get a different timestamp, and CVSExt reports the files correctly.

Looks like it's back to the DST issues on Win32.

So, that explains that. :)

Brent Stroh

2004-07-29 18:47:56

Re: Very nice! A few questions, though

And, after a reboot, the overlay icons work as expected...

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