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History viewer

Posted on: CVS Shell Extension

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2005-01-07 12:40:23

History viewer

does the tool provide a way to view change in a repository between two dates?

Wolfgang Loch

2005-01-07 20:08:46

Re: History viewer

To compare 2 revision of a file:
0. Make sure taht you have a visual Diff tool configured (see
1. Show the properties dialog (Alt+Return)
2. Select the History page. In the list view you will see the commit dates of all revisions.
3. Select 2 revisions that you want to compare (see
4. Click Compare

To view changes between 2 dates of a directory:
1. Activate the output console (see
2. Select the directoy in Explorer
3. Select "CVS/Custom Command..." from the context menu
4. Enter the command "$(CVS) diff -D 2003-01-01 -D 2004-01-01 $(Names)" (replace the 2 dates) and click OK. The differences will appear in the console window

However, if there are many differences in many files, it is probably better to export both versions to different directories and compare the directories using a visual diff program such as WinDiff or WinMerge.

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