Raduga - DirectX Plug-ins

Raduga Dynamics

The Dynamics plug-in can work in 3 different modes: compressor, expander and serious gate.

Price: € 70.29 (€ 59.00 + 19% V.A.T.)

Raduga Equalizer

The Equalizer plug-in has 3 different modes: presets, three band equalizer (Bass/Mid/Treble) and advanced (1 bass filter, 1 treble filter and 4 fully parametric filters).

Price: € 70.29 (€ 59.00 + 19% V.A.T.)

Raduga AGC

The Raduga AGC plugin has a simple purpose in life - to make your Raduga mixes louder and more professional sounding. It performs the same job as a traditional hardware broadcast processor, levelling out the volume of your audio material in real time while it plays back through your PC soundcard.

Raduga AGC uses the same high quality audio algorithms found the popular range of mastering plugins from db audioware (used by thousands of professional studios and musicians around the world). Our proprietary intelligent lookahead algorithms let you boost your audio levels without worrying about distortion at the soundcard output.

Demo version: Setup raduga-agc-demo-1.00.exe

Price: € 82.11 (€ 69.00 + 19% V.A.T.)

Raduga Plug-in Bundle

Raduga Equalizer and Raduga Dynamics together for an unbeatable price.

Price: € 94.01 (€ 79.00 + 19% V.A.T.)