Internet Broadcasting with Live365

Raduga can be used for Internet broadcasting in combination with all popular audio streaming technologies, such as Windows Media, RealAudio and Shoutcast. Probably the easiest way to start an Internet station is provided by

In conjuction with Live365 you can also display the current track playing in Raduga as well as the most recent track names on a web page to your listeners.

What do you need?

Getting started

  1. Start Studio365-Live 2.1
  2. Select the menu Audio Source | External Source | Mixer.
    (For more information about using Studio365-Live 2.1 see
  3. Start Raduga
  4. Select menu Tools | Enable Live365 Upload

The track playing details as shown in Raduga are automatically displayed to the Live365 listeners. Using Raduga's advanced playback options and either 2 soundcards or a soundcard with multiple outputs (such as the Turtle Beach Santa Cruz aka Videologic's Sonic Fury) it's possible to take the output of Raduga, mix it through an external desk, with microphones and other sound sources then take the output of the desk back into the pc and then transmit the final mix to Live365. The details of track now playing as shown on the Raduga screen will still be seen by Live365 listeners.