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Changes Radugas display language. In this version English, Chinese, Dutch, German, French, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish onad other languages are available as language packs.
Note: Having changed the language, you must close Raduga and re-open it.


Station Name

Shows the radio station or company name this copy of Raduga is licenced for. This option is disabled in the demo version.

Position Slider

Shows a slider control that visualizes the current position within the current song.

Output Window

Shows a docked console window that is used to display text messages.

Web Browser

Shows a docked web browser window that is used to display current information from a web page. To configure the home page of the web browser go to Tool/Options/Web Browser.


Changes the font of the playlist.

Full Path

Shows the exact paths and names of the tracks in the playlist.

Track Numbers

Shows the tracks numbers in the playlist.

Full Screen

Toggles the full screen mode by hiding the Raduga window title and the Windows task bar.

Keep Focus

Keeps the input focus unless the main windows is minimized. Activate this option to prevent other applications from stealing the focus.