Shortcut Reference

Raduga can be controlled very easily with One-Key shortcuts. The following list tells you which keyboard shortcuts are available and their corresponding menu item (if available).

Shift Key Key Action
~ Media/Set Overlap Point
1 Sounds/1
2 Sounds/2
3 Sounds/3
4 Sounds/4
5 Sounds/5
6 Sounds/6
7 Sounds/7
8 Sounds/8
9 Sounds/9
A ?/About Raduga...
Ctrl A Edit/Redo
B Media/Break After This Song
Ctrl C Edit/Copy
D Move Down
E Schedule Events
F View/Full Path
Ctrl F Playlist/Find...
I Media/Player Mode/Intro Scan
L Plalyist/Total Length...
N Next Track
Ctrl N File/New
O Tools/Options...
Ctrl O File/Open
P Media/Play
R Media/Player Mode/Random
S Stop
Ctrl S File/Save
T View/Track Numbers
U Move Up
V Previous Track
Ctrl V Edit/Paste
X Tools/Mixer...
Ctrl X Edit/Cut
Ctrl Z Edit/Undo
Alt Back Edit/Undo
Del Edit/Remove
Ctrl Del Edit/Remove All
Shift Del Edit/Cut
F2 File/Rename...
F7 Playlist/Add Pause
F8 Playlist/Add Stop Command...
F9 Playlist/Insert Stop Command...
F11 View/Full Screen
F12 File/Save As...
Ins Playlist/Add Tracks...
Ctrl Ins Edit/Copy
Shift Ins Edit/Paste
Ctrl Left Rewind
Ctrl Right Fast Forward
Pause Pause
Alt Return File/Rename...