Syntax Definition

The syntax coloring feature is customizable by syntax definition files (*.syn). These files are located in the "Syntax" sub folder of the SuperEdi program directory. The file format has been adopted from the popular TextPad editor. Therefore you will be able to re-use existing syntax definitions for many languages. However, if no syntax definition exists for your language, you can create your own definition file. Here are the instructions take from the TextPad manual.

Function List Support

SuperEdi can extract a list of functions or methods from your source code files and display them in the "Functions" toolbar. The functions are recognized by regular expressions specified in the "FunctionList" section of the syntax definition file. For example:

; Perl functions and packages
Function = ^\s*sub\s+{\w+}
Class = ^\s*package\s+{[:_A-Za-z0-9]+}

The following keywords can be used. The keyword determines the icon that is displayed in the function list:

Function Function
Method Method
Attribute Attribute
Property Property
Class Class
Object Object
Interface Interface
Book Book
Topic Topic
Paragraph Paragraph
Section Section
Block Block
Tag Tag
Item Item
Folder Folder
Page Page

The value is a regular expression that is matched against every line of the document. The part of the expression inside the curly brackets is the name that appears in the function list.