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Music automation software for radio stations, clubs and shops, ideal for live assist and full automation operation.


Play music, sounds, videos and CDs with just one program. Juke plays all popular audio and video files, like MP3, WAV, MID, MPG, AVI, MOD and many more. Creating a mixed playlist of those files is as easy as drag and drop.


A freeware text and HTML editor, ideal for programmers and web designers featuring syntax coloring and a build-in FTP client. The build-in directory tree helps you locate files quickly without opening the Windows Explorer. Context sensitive information is available via keyword lookup in any Windows help file.

CVS-ExtCVS Shell Extension

The CVS Shell Extension integrates the CVS version control system into Windows Explorer. So you have the most commonly used CVS features alwasys ready at hand without opening a command prompt or another application.


The multi-document web browser for the Pro. Keeps many web documents open without messing up your task bar.


Use this shell extension to copy file names to the clipboard.


Internet based word trainer with extensible vocabulary.

All programs work on Windows ME/2000/XP/2003