SuperEdi Downloads

Stable Release
Setup SuperEdi-4.3.3.exe 1.7 MB Setup for Windows XP, 2003, Vista, 2008, 7
Setup SuperEdi-4.2.2.x64.exe 1.2 MB Setup for Windows XP, 2003, Vista, 2008 x64 Edition
Setup SuperEdi-4.2.2.U.exe 1.2 MB Setup for Windows 2000
Setup SuperEdi-4.1.3.U.exe 1.0 MB Setup for Windows NT
Setup SuperEdi-4.1.3.exe 1.0 MB Setup for Windows 98, ME (requires Internet Explorer 5 or higher)
Latest Beta version
none at this time
Localization Kit
Setup SuperEdi-4.3.3-LK.exe 1.1 MB Translate SuperEdi into your native language.
Syntax definition files
zip 4 KB Syntax coloring for ABAP, the programming language of SAP R/3 provided by Andreas Loch. For more information, click here
zip 1 KB Syntax coloring for Microsoft Policy Template files (.adm) provided by David Figueroa
zip 3 KB Syntax coloring for 8051 Macro Assembler files (*.asm) provided by Edgar Conzen
zip 1 KB Syntax coloring for LiteStep Themes provided by Johan Klos
zip 2 KB Syntax coloring for MIB provided by Amir Deutel
zip 14 KB Syntax coloring for PHP mixed with HTML provided by Jerome Mühlhause; requires SuperEdi 3.2.1 or higher
scripts, add-ins and more
zip 3 KB Executes either the selected text, or the entire file if no text is selected, against a SQL Server database. It should work with any database with an odbc driver.
submitted by Mike Sywensky
Weiter AutoC-1.2.exe 0.9 MB Auto C is a free IDE for the C programming language that works like the Visual Basic IDE. more...
© Wade Schuette <wadeschuette(at)>
zip 3 KB Uploads the current document to a remote server via SCP (secure copy)
zip 2 KB Loads all documents on startup that were open when SuperEdi was closed
zip 3 KB Tips for running SuperEdi from removable media, such as USB stick

If you want to publish your own syntax files or scripts for SuperEdi, send them by e-mail to