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Unwanted unicode encoding

Posted on: SuperEdi

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Graham Bonham

2011-11-28 00:33:14

Unwanted unicode encoding

I like SuperEdi a lot.

One problem which is currently defeating me is that a text file has somehow got saved or created with unicode encoding, whereas I want it in plain ANSI or a Western European encoding - I want it to display text using the familiar letters A-Z!

If it's showing as gibberish in SuperEdi and I save it with e.g. Western European encoding, I end up with a load of question marks.

If I copy and paste the text to Notepad and save the file specifying ANSI encoding, it still loads in Notepad as gibberish.

Initially the situation was the text would show using "ordinary" characters (A-Z) in Notepad but display as gibberish in SuperEdi. After choosing Tools, Options, unchecking both Detect Unicode and Detect Codepages on the Unicode tab and saving, I've reversed the situation: it's gibberish in Notepad and displays properly in SuperEdi.

I'm hoping someone can suggest a method of cleansing the text file of Unicode encoding so that it displays correctly both in Notepad and in SuperEdi.

I would welcome any suggestions which might help.

Graham Bonham

2011-11-28 15:34:46

Re: Unwanted unicode encoding

I'm optimistic that I will be able to resolve the issue. I have had it explained to me elsewhere that it looks like I have added a single byte at the start of a file which in fact uses Unicode encoding, although I hadn't realised that it did. As characters in files using Unicode encoding are represented by pairs of bytes, by adding a single byte I have made the wrong characters display by causing pairs of bytes to be mismatched. I understand that the solution is to remove the extra byte so that the file is a valid Unicode file and then resave with ANSI encoding (after which I can put back the single byte I had added).

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