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Documentation on Syntax & Color Files

Posted on: SuperEdi

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David Figueroa

2004-05-20 16:42:21

Documentation on Syntax & Color Files

I just began using SuperEdi last night, and I am definitely impressed. It definitely fits my needs wonderfully.

1 question -
Is there some good documentation on the Syntax and color files? (.syn, .col)?

I've managed to modify a copy of a syn file from TextPad.. but I can't locate any documenation on how to use all the options. I was able to get it most of the way I want it, and I was able to generate a color file. I'm just not 100% sure how to customize all the pieces I would like.


David Figueroa

Wolfgang Loch

2004-05-20 17:27:38

Re: Documentation on Syntax & Color Files

Here's the documentation of .col files:

The syntax file format (.syn) is taken from Textpad. I found the documentation on the textpad web site or in its manual.

Dirk Schoettler

2007-06-18 21:57:49

Re: Documentation on Syntax & Color Files


I just try to create my own syntax highlighting definition. But so far I don't get two things right, and unfortunately neither nor TextPads "help" functions helps.


a) How do I highlight those strings between '...'?
I use C=1, but BracketChars= '' and StringStart/End=' don't work, the string stays black.

b) How do I define expressions (NET_DRV*) instead of single keywords?

Thank you!

Wolfgang Loch

2007-06-19 21:36:00

Re: Documentation on Syntax & Color Files

a) In the [Syntax] section of the syntax file you should have those 2 lines:
StringStart = '
StringEnd = '
Remove the apostroph from the BracketChars key.

If the stringsa are still not colored, you may have to assign color to string in the color scheme file:

b) There is no support for wildcards in keywords.

Dirk Schoettler

2007-06-19 22:28:31

Re: Documentation on Syntax & Color Files

Ah, thank you, my mistake: I created a .syn-file but did not define that type within Extra/Tools - settings.

Whats about the function list: Is it only for a separate list or can functions also be syntax-highlighted within the editor?
...following these regular expressions.


Wolfgang Loch

2007-06-19 23:09:50

Re: Documentation on Syntax & Color Files

The [FunctionList] section in the sytax file is used only for the function list window (View/Toolbars/Functions).

The functions are not highlighted within the text. Actually the function list parser works completely independend from the syntax parser.

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