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Posted on: SuperEdi

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2004-09-14 16:12:22


ist there an possibility to have php-syntax highlighing

Wolfgang Loch

2004-09-14 17:39:37


A Syntax definition file for PHP is found on the SuperEdi Downloads page:

William van Zwanenberg

2005-06-26 11:29:16


After reading this posting, I tried downloading and installing the appropriate file as I do a lot of PHP programming. Despite not having made any alterations to the orginal file and having saved it in the correct location, the software fails to recognise php files saved with a .php extension. I have no idea why this is and what can be done to rectify this. Any help anyone can provide would be appreciated.

Andreas Loch

2005-06-26 15:34:17


Did you set up the options for your file type in SuperEdi?
I once wrote a little howto for ABAP-syntax highlighing in SuperEdi. Maybe it helps you to do the same for PHP:

William van Zwanenberg

2005-06-26 17:11:15


Thanks for your reply.

To be honest, I'm now starting to get a little annoyed. I tried to set up the options for a php file type having read your Andreas's artcile on how to do so. The frustrating part is that the file types tab in the tools-->options dialgue box does not allow me to modify an existing help file so as to set a new file type and so I can't use any colour scheme in relation to my PHP files

Please help somebody. Can someone talk me through this process step by step please?


Wolfgang Loch

2005-06-27 07:28:12


1. Go to menu Tools/Options... and select the File Types tab
2. Press the Save As... button and enter a file type name, such as "PHP". Then press OK.
3. Enter the comma separated file extensions, for example "php,php3"
4. Select the syntax definition "PHP" (the name of the .syn file)
5. Optionally select a color scheme, for example "HTML+JS"
6. Optionally enter the file path of a PHP help file or an URL, sich as
Note that the browse button (...) does not work if the help file field already contains an URL. Delete the URL first before pressing (...).
7. Press OK
8. Open a PHP script with the extension "php" or "php3".


2005-07-20 12:52:30

Re: PHP (Installing File Types)

This should be on the downloads page, or included with each downloadable file type mod.

:-) Thanks though :-)

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