Using mini playlists

A mini playlist is basically a playlist within a playlist. When you insert a mini playlists into your master playlist, they appear among the list of record titles. They are very useful for instance to prepare advertisement spots for sponsor breaks or a couple of news items for a newsbreak.

The principle is the same as creating a playlist. Add the required tracks in exactly the same way as a normal playlist. The only difference is how to save the mini playlist.
Click on File|Save As... . In the box titled 'Save As Type', click on the drop-down menu and select 'mini playlist' (*.mpl). Give the selection a name, for example Adds 1.

You can create mini playlists (and playlists) while the system is broadcasting. See Using multiple instances of Raduga.

When you have created a mini playlist (or playlist), it's total length can be calculated by pressing "L" on the keyboard. The total playing time will be displayed in a dialog box.