Create a playlist

Create a playlist with the system off-air.

1. Use menu File|New or click New to create a new playlist. Alternately you may open an already existing playlist using the File|Open... menu or the toolbar button Open.

2. Insert your tracks using your preferred method from the following:

3. Use 'drag and drop' or the blue arrows Bottom Down Up Top to change the sequence of playlist items as necessary.

Note: It is now possible to add another album like a media file to the current playlist. When this playlist item is due, the current playlist will be replaced by the specified album. So it is wise to set the next playlist as the last item of the previous playlist if you use the normal player mode.
To have more than one album on screen at once, you must open another instance of Raduga.

4. To remove a track from an album or mini playlist, highlight the track, and use menu Edit|Remove or click on Remove in the top toolbar.
NOTE: This does not remove the track from the hard drive.

5. Save the album with an appropriate filename (File|Save As...). Ensure it is saved as type 'Album' (*.alb).

6. When you have created a playlist (or mini playlist), it's total length can be calculated by pressing "L" on the keyboard. The total playing time will be displayed in a dialog box.

Create or edit a playlist (album) while on-air.