Using Rotations

A rotation is a pre-selected list of tracks that are played one at a time. Creating a rotation is the same as creating a playlist. When you are finished with the selection of songs and setting up the order, you save the playlist using the 'File Save As...' menu. Select 'Rotation (*.rotation)' from the file type selection drop-down list. The rotation will be saved to a file with the '.rotation' extension.

To use a rotation within a playlist, add the previously saved rotation file to a playlist like you would do with a regular sound file. Raduga will play one track from the rotation and increment a pointer within the rotation file. When raduga plays the rotation the next time, it will choose the next song from the list.

Rotations can also be scheduled using the event scheduler.

Note: When you use rotations within a playlist, it is no longer possible to determine the exact duration of that playlist in advance. That's because the actual track will be determined at runtime.