SuperEdi Downloads

Stable Release
Setup SuperEdi-4.3.3.exe 1.7 MB Setup for Windows 10
Localization Kit
Setup SuperEdi-4.3.3-LK.exe 1.1 MB Translate SuperEdi into your native language.
Syntax definition files
zip 4 KB Syntax coloring for ABAP, the programming language of SAP R/3 provided by Andreas Loch. For more information, click here
zip 1 KB Syntax coloring for Microsoft Policy Template files (.adm) provided by David Figueroa
zip 3 KB Syntax coloring for 8051 Macro Assembler files (*.asm) provided by Edgar Conzen
zip 1 KB Syntax coloring for LiteStep Themes provided by Johan Klos
zip 2 KB Syntax coloring for MIB provided by Amir Deutel
zip 14 KB Syntax coloring for PHP mixed with HTML provided by Jerome Mühlhause
zip 14 KB Syntax coloring for PIC Assembler contributed by Dr. Anton Ziegler
scripts, add-ins and more
zip 3 KB Executes either the selected text, or the entire file if no text is selected, against a SQL Server database. It should work with any database with an odbc driver.
submitted by Mike Sywensky
Weiter AutoC-1.2.exe 0.9 MB Auto C is a free IDE for the C programming language that works like the Visual Basic IDE. more...
© Wade Schuette <wadeschuette(at)>
zip 3 KB Uploads the current document to a remote server via SCP (secure copy)
zip 2 KB Loads all documents on startup that were open when SuperEdi was closed
zip 3 KB Tips for running SuperEdi from removable media, such as USB stick

If you want to publish your own syntax files or scripts for SuperEdi, send them by e-mail to