The history of SuperEdi

4.3.3 (January 24, 2012)

  • bugfix: improved output of command line tools to the output window

4.3.1 (April 18, 2010)

  • bugfix: error registering shell extension during setup

4.3 (March 22, 2010)

  • open large documents even faster (about 10 MBytes/s)
  • support Windows 7 Libraries in Exporer tree
  • bugfix: Spanish translation is corrupt superedi-es.dll
  • bugfix: no icon in Shell Extension
  • bugfix: decreased number of recent files to 16
  • bugfix: the advanded settings in the file dialogs did not work on Windows Vista and Windows 7

4.2.2 (Aug 01, 2008)

  • increased number of recent files to 20
  • keyboard shortcut Shift+F3 for search backwards

4.2.1 (Jul 07, 2008)

  • improved look of the menu bar and the MDI menu buttons
  • bugfix: the cursor was sometimes hidden at the end of a line
  • bugfix: during drag and drop the selected text was deleted when you drop it inside the selected area

4.2 (Apr 02, 2008)

  • Improvements for Windows Vista:
    • support for new File dialogs with integrated search
    • automatically scrolling Explorer view
    • uses Vista native themes for menus and Explorer tree
  • Syntax coloring for for MSBuild project files
  • removed support for Windows 95/98/ME/NT
  • only Unicode version

4.1.3 (Jan 12, 2008)

  • new automation property Document.UseBOM, which allows to add or remove the byte order mark when saving Unicode documents
  • new automation property Document.LineBreaks: Gets or sets the line break style
  • new automation function Application.RunScriptFile: Runs a script file in the context of the application

4.1.2 (Oct 13, 2007)

  • new automation property Document.FileTypeName, which allows to set the syntax coloring independent of the file extension
  • bugfix: visible newline characters appeared within the margin
  • bugfix: when entering a newline in word wrap mode and the first visible line does not start a phyiscal line the cursor is positioned in the wrong line
  • bugfix: when truncating trailing spaces, the last non-space character of the line was removed too

4.1.1 (Oct 03, 2007)

  • bugfix: cursor position used to jump while changing the window size in word wrap mode
  • bugfix: line feed characters were displayed multiple times when scrolling horizontally from left to right
  • the caret (cursor marker) is now displayed using system default width

4.1 (Sep 13, 2007)

  • added the option to remove trailing spaces on save
  • document tabs can be closed by clicking the middle mouse button
  • updated spanish translation

4.0.1 (May 28, 2007)

  • bugfix: VBscript function InputBox() caused a crash
  • bugfix: the context menu was not shown at the current cursor position when it was invoked by keyboard
  • bugfix: crash when trying to insert the content of a file into a read-only document
  • bugfix: macro were unloaded before SuperEdi asked to save any unsaved documents
  • bugfix: the automation property Console.Visible was not documented
  • bugfix: the property Selection.CurrentColumn could not be set to the last column of a line

4.0 (March 30, 2007)

  • block selection and editing (delete, cut, copy, paste, undo, redo)
  • pairs of search/replace combinations can be re-used in the Replace dialog
  • smaller Find and Replace dialogs
  • support for meta characters in Search and Replace expressions (\t, \r\n)
  • the default file types are accessible for all users, not only for the user who installed SuperEdi initially.
  • bugfix: when there was no document, clicking the emtpy tab did not create a new document
  • bugfix: pre-selected text did not apear in Find dialog if selection was made from right to left
  • bugfix: toolbar customization problem on Windows ME/2000
  • bugfix: the shell extension "Open with SuperEdi" did not work properly on Windows ME/2000
  • bugfix: error message on startup on Windows ME/2000
  • bugfix: auto-completion data in Find/Replace dialogs was reset when Replace was invoked with an empty string

3.9.3 (March 12, 2007)

  • bugfix: scripts and add-ins did not work for non-administrator users
  • experimental support for block selection (Menu: Edit|Block Mode)

3.9.2 (February 17, 2007)

  • new tab menu item: Close all but this
  • empty tab creates a new document (like IE 7)
  • special icons for hidden items in Explorer Tree
  • faster startup (Web Browser is only created when visible, Exporer icons are loaded by a backgound thread)
  • bugfix: Explorer Tree did not expand Desktop if there are no shortcuts at all
  • bugfix: Problems with whole line selection and whole word selection using the mouse

3.9.1 (January 25, 2007)

  • detect if text is unmodified since last save after repeated undo
  • new Italian translation contributed by Paolo Paniga
  • adjusted some dialog boxes to fit text in all languages
  • updated syntax definition for InnoSetup
  • bugfix: some undo operations spawned multiple lines

3.9 (December 14, 2006)

  • updated Spanish UI language
  • show the Desktop as root folder in Explorer tree
  • bugfix: crash on startup when CD drive is not ready

3.8.7 beta (October 20, 2006)

  • bugfix: only the first icon resource of a file could be used in the quickstart bar

3.8.6 beta (October 4, 2006)

  • support for special keys on Microsoft keyboard (WM_APPCOMMAND)
  • Syntax definition parameter: MaxLineLength
  • bugfix: CreateObject("SuperEdi.Application") when SuperEdi is not running
  • bugfix: mouse pointer remains hidden in dialogs

3.8.5 beta (August 25, 2006)

  • new shortcuts: Ctrl+Del/Ctrl+Back (delete word right/left of the cursor)
  • support for X-Buttons
  • faster scrolling while selecting text with the mouse
  • encoding of XML files is determined from XML declaration
  • new automation property: Document.Encoding
  • respect user preference: hide cursor while typing
  • respect user preference: number of lines to scroll per mouse weel notch

3.8.4 beta (July 08, 2006)

  • deferred loading of icons in Explorer tree (to speed up startup time)
  • show hidden files in Explorer tree
  • added to Open With menu for common file types
  • bugfix: search for some characters ^$| did not work
  • bugfix: registration as HTML editor did not work

3.8.3 beta (June 26, 2006)

  • resizable browse for folder dialogs
  • works as Active Document Server
  • bookmark all search results
  • bugfix: word wrap did not work in x64 version
  • bugfix: don't allow to scroll outside the text

Version 3.8.2 beta (March 29, 2006)

  • hotkeys can be assigned to tools on the quickstart bar
  • regular expressions can be used in search
  • count search results
  • non-standard port numbers can be used for FTP Upload/Download
  • bugfix: the syntax definition of the default file type was not used

Version 3.8.1 (March 04, 2006)

  • set cursor position in the address bar (format: filename(col[,row]))
  • redesigned Find and Replace dialogs (for easier translation)
  • highlight function on cursor position in the function list
  • 64-bit version available
  • bugfix: crash if file name is longer than 63 charcters
  • bugfix: window list and function list did grab the input focus on mouse over
  • bugfix: wrong display of icons in document tabs
  • bugfix: selected text was replaced only with "Replace All"

Version 3.8 (February 02, 2006)

  • Scripts for GUID generation
  • Scripts to Save/Load the current workspace
  • Script to reformat SQL code using Pl/Sql Tidy
  • Add-in to re-load the previously open files on startup
  • "Find" scrolls the text to make 3 lines before and after the selection visible
  • Syntax definition for PHP included
  • Syntax definition for C/C++ included
  • added Save button to Run Script dialog
  • bugfix: long FTP server names cannot be used
  • bugfix: drag and drop does not work with Unicode characters
  • removed incomplete Turkish and Chinese translation. Looking for translators...

Version 3.7.3 (August 13, 2005)

  • minimize to tray
  • always on top
  • expand environment variables in address bar
  • bugfix: FTP file upload failes if a line has more than 4000 characters

Version 3.7.2 (July 1, 2005)

  • Syntax definition for WiX Toolkit (*.wxs) files
  • updated Greek translation
  • improved German translation
  • new automation property Application.HWND
  • bugfix: enlarged default encoding combo box

Version 3.7.1 (May 17, 2005)

  • Option to disable automatic codepage detection (Tool|Options|Unicode)
  • Auto-Completion using CTAGS (file "tags" must exist in program directory)
  • Scripts to open a URL in the internal web browser
  • bugfix: display error in German file type dialog

Version 3.7 (April 1, 2005)

  • Dutch translation by H.C. van der Burg
  • pre-configured function list for Java and C#
  • web based keyword lookup (keyword can be passed as URL parameter)
  • keyword lookup in current MSDN library (aka Help2)
  • support for additional codepages including Big Endian and UTF-7
  • codepage auto-detection
  • syntax definition for SyntaxStartAlt/SyntaxEndAlt is now case insensitive
  • toolbar buttons for word wrap, line numbers and "view whitespace"
  • visualize end of line and end of text
  • scripts for reading text aloud using Microsoft Agent
  • open HTML files in Scripts menu as HTML dialogs
  • HTML dialogs for search and replace using regular expressions
  • HTML dialog for selection of a web color
  • allow to set Unicode byte order mark (BOM) in Save As dialog
  • the setup program now has a digital signature
  • Windows NT supported again
  • bugfix: attempt to save a file to a HTTP location caused a crash
  • bugfix: scrolling was not possible after activation of word wrap
  • bugfix: text was not updated after drag & drop from zipped folder
  • bugfix: search for whole words did sometimes not work correctly

Version 3.6.1 (March 1, 2005)

  • bracket matching (Ctrl+M)
  • display number of selected characters/lines
  • keywords in syntax files are used for auto completion (Ctrl+Space)
  • additional icons for function list
  • bugfix: search in help file did not work

Version 3.6 (February 19, 2005)

  • Function list toolbar
  • Jump to document/line by double-click in output window
  • Script to replace text in all open documents
  • Syntax highlighting for C# enabled by default
  • Add SuperEdi to "Open With" list for text and script files
  • Changed whitespace character to a small dot

Version 3.5.3 (February 2, 2005)

  • Portuguese translation by Filipe Teixeira
  • Script to display a list of Perl functions
  • Additional text to speech scripts (for Windos 2000/XP)
  • Line deletion by shortcut (Shift+Del)
  • bugfix: properties Selection.CurrentLine and Selection.CurrentColumn did not work correctly
  • bugfix: syntax definition parameter SingleCommentCol did not have any effect

Version 3.5.2 (December 12, 2004)

  • don't activate main window after open/save files by Automation

Version 3.5.1 (December 7, 2004)

  • fixed problem when files have changed during reload
  • don't display messages for unresolved shortcuts in explorer tree
  • added method Application.Sleep()

Version 3.5 (November 21, 2004)

  • Sort and shuffle a range of lines (Edit|Advanced)
  • Faster scrolling in large files
  • Added scripts for SCP upload/download
  • Added HTML Tidy scripts
  • Replaced all .pls scripts with .js scripts
  • bugfix: bring window to foreground on single-click
  • bugfix: missing texts in Spanish progress dialog
  • bugfix: FTP upload failed with files larger than 4 KByte

Version 3.4.3 (November 07, 2004)

  • Added Greek user interface
  • Open files in new window of running application
  • Show progress dialog during long file operations
  • Remember previous search and replace texts
  • Option to create start menu icon during setup
  • Added JScript for quoting HTML tags
  • bugfix: FTP download crashed for files larger than 8 KByte

New in version 3.4.2

  • Added drop-down menu for Print toobar button
  • Added item "Save All" to Save drop-down menu (Ctrl+Shift+S)
  • Added toolbar buttons for Undo and Redo and Save All
  • Display a notification when a file has changed on disk
  • Auto-complete text based on other text in the same document (Ctrl+Space)
  • bugfix: default main menu was always English

New in version 3.4.1

  • Added menu item File | Save Copy As...
  • Improved synchronization of Explorer tree
  • Removed check for removable media
  • Display tooltips for items in Explorer tree
  • Added Explorer context menu to address bar (double-right-click on icon)
  • bugfix: overlay icons did not work in Explorer Tree
  • bugfix: property Macro.Dispatch did not work
  • bugfix: method Document.Close did not work

New in version 3.4

  • New menu item Format|Line Numbers
  • New file type options: Line numbers, Show whitespace
  • New menu item Edit|Advanced|Make uppercase/lowercase
  • Rewised options of the installation program
  • Fully localized installation for English and German
  • Expand folders to shortcuts in Explorer view
  • Selection of default encoding
  • New automation properties Document.CodePage and Application.DefaultCodePage
  • Syntax elements can have different background colors
  • Extended maximum number of items in Explorer context menu
  • Added page Options/Add-Ins
  • Open files by drag and drop from zipped folder

New in version 3.3

  • Open all shell items, e.g. files inside zip folders (read only)
  • Open FTP files from the explorer tree (My Network Places)
  • Open files from clipboard (including URLs and shell items)
  • New SendTo drop handler allows to open multiple files
  • Increased timeout for shell extension from 1.5 to 3 seconds
  • Auto-complete file names in address bar
  • SyntaxStartAlt / SyntaxEndAlt directives in syntax files
  • "Run Script" dialog to execute add-hoc scripts
  • Overlay icons in file Explorer (enable in Tools/Options/Display)
  • Overlay icons in menus and address bar
  • Web Browser bar (for integrated HTML preview)
  • Explorer sub menu in editor context menu
  • Support for Add-Ins (scripts that run permanently)
  • File types are used as filters for File|Open and File|Save-As
  • Copy/paste path names from all shell items (e.g. URLs)
  • The selected path in Explorer tree is used as initial directory for File|Open
  • Option to synchronize Explorer tree automatically with the current document
  • Manual synchrononization of explorer tree (menu View|Synchronize Tree)
  • The document icon is now updated on Save, Open and Refresh
  • The line lenght limit of 65536 character was removed

New in version 3.2

  • icon in Windows Explorer context menu
  • Syntax (File Type) selection menu (in Format)
  • Windows Exporer-style menu and toolbar with chevrons
  • icons in Recent Files menu
  • icons in Windows menu
  • auto-synchronize explorer tree
  • Windows 2000-style file dialogs
  • Read and write UTF16 files
  • Console output checkbox in tool configuration
  • Tab size per file type
  • Convert tabs to spaces
  • Copy/Paste File names from Windows Explorer
  • fixed partly hidden "next" button in MDI tab bar
  • fixed tooltips in QuickStart bar on Windows 9x/ME

New in version 3.1

  • Supports Windows XP visual themes
  • Separate docking views for Explorer tree and list of open documents
  • Drop-down menus for the "Open" and "Save" toobar buttons

New in version 3.0

  • Configurable syntax coloring (HTML, CSS and JavaScript included)
  • Console output window for command line tools and scripts
  • User defined file types
  • Extendend object model for automation scripts
  • Automation scripts in a sub menu
  • Textpipe filters in a sub menu
  • Multiple codepage support and codepage conversion
  • Unicode UTF-8 support (requires Windows NT, 2000 or XP)
  • Newline conversion for Unix, DOS and Macintosh files
  • Document tabs
  • Bookmarks
  • Goto Line dialog

New in version 2.0

  • Paste file names copied from the Explorer
  • Chinese and Danish language support

New in version 1.98

  • Multiple FTP servers
  • Supports TextPipe processing
  • Customizable clip library
  • Run script files
  • Auto indention

New in version 1.97

  • File Upload capability

New in version 1.96

  • German, Russian and Spanish language support
  • Help file included
  • Underlined links, jump to any URL
  • Full-Screen mode

New in version 1.95

  • View/Properties menu item to change file attributes etc.

New in version 1.94

  • Transparent FTP download/upload
  • Dockable window list
  • Customizable toolbar
  • Enhanced quickstart bar
  • New toolbar layout
  • New "Close All" command
  • New "Reload" button
  • Full support for scripting/automation

New in version 1.82

  • Spanish language support
  • Open files by double-click in the Explorer tree
  • Copy and move files within the Explorer tree

New in version 1.81

  • Open multiple files at once
  • Remembers the previously selected directory in the Explorer tree

New in version 1.7

  • HTML document generator
  • HTML preview function
  • New Accelators: Ctrl+H = Replace, F12 = Save As...
  • Allows very large files
  • Open files as Read Only
  • Multi-line indent using tab or shift-tab
  • Up to 10 recent file in a sub menu
  • Import a file into the current document
  • Drop Files into document opens the a new editor
  • Page settings dialog to set margins for printing
  • Display printer fonts in combo box
  • Print from command line (/p switch)
  • Keyword lookup in an external help file (.hlp as well as .chm)

New in version 1.6

  • Flat toolbars
  • Small icons in the launch bar
  • Multilingual program (English and German)

New in version 1.5

  • Control bar for fonts and colors
  • First english edition

New in version 1.4

  • Color Selection
  • Converter (Windows - UNIX - Macintosh)