Raduga Raduga Add-Ins

Add-ins extend the functionality of Raduga or integrate Raduga with existing systems. The add-ins on this page are provided with source code, so you can adopt them to fit your requirements. The Raduga Software Development Kit contains information about writing Add-Ins in JScript, VBScript or Perl.


Loads a specified playlist on start of Raduga no matter which playlist was active when the program was closed.

Download StartPlaylist-1.0.zip


Announces the current time in Raduga. It can use natural voice or computer-generated voice (on Windows XP). It can be used as scheduled event or as a playlist item. The SayTime script is a free add-on for Raduga 3.6 and 3.8.

A complete set of natural voice annoucements in English is now available for sale. The price is EUR 89,00 (+ 16% VAT for EU citicens). Please contact sales@wolosoft.com to place an order.

Download SayTime-1.0.zip

Internet Song Requester

Listeners can request songs on the Internet.

  • Upload your music library as text file via web browser
  • Requests can be added to playlist or scheduled events
  • Requests can be cancelled manually
  • Customizable fonts and colors
Demo See a Live demo....
  • 100 songs - free
  • 1000 songs - EUR 10.00/month
  • unlimited songs - EUR 25.00/month
Please contact sales@wolosoft.com to set up a free account

Description Sends the name of the currently playing song to an Icecast 2 server. The song name will appear in the listeners player software, for example in Winamp.
Download Icecast2-1.0.zip

Description Logs the titles and start times of all playlist items and events to the console window. Now you always see a list of all tracks which have recently been played.
Download ConsoleHistory-1.0.zip

HTML Playlist
Description This Raduga add-in writes an HTML file containing the last 16 played songs and the time when they where played.
Vendor Volker Boss
Download HTMLPlaylist.zip

HTML Playlist Ftp
Description Like HTML Playlist, but it uploads the generated file to a web server via FTP.
Vendor Volker Boss
Download HTMLPlaylistFtp.zip

Description This Raduga Add-in sends the name of currently playing song to Windows Media Encoder. Listers using the Windows Media Player will see the song title displayed in the caption area.
Download for registered Raduga users only

Description This Raduga Add-in sends the name of currently playing song to a SHOUTcast server. Listers using the Winamp player will see the song title displayed in the title area.
Download for registered Raduga users only

Description This Raduga Add-in writes the names of all started songs to a log file. When a mini-playlist is started, it logs also the complete list of tracks contained in the mini-playlist.
Download for registered Raduga users only