Raduga 3rd-Party Tools for Raduga

Raduga HTML Playlist Generator

Uploads the name of the current song and 10 previous songs to your web site.


  • Displays a meaningful text during live events
  • Plays a music bed during live events
  • Plays a time signal at full and half hours
  • Uploads CurrentSong.txt to the web server
Vendor Volker Boss
Download RadHPGSetup.exe (2.8 MByte)

AirList Pro

AirList is primarily designed to create sophisticated playlists for automating internet/radio stations using Raduga. AirList may also be used to create playlists for video files.

  • Create hourly Rotations containing music from different Categories and Spot Groups.
  • Schedule Rotations for selected hours of selected days.
  • Use QuickSpots to easily insert spots & jingles at certain times of the day.
  • Create weekly, daily or hourly playlist files.
  • Anti-song repeat and anti-artist repeat options.
  • Generate personalized HTML playlists for uploading to your website.
  • Features a Time Checking option to keep the playlist on time.
  • Supports MP3, MP2, WAV, OGG, WMA & AIFF audio file formats.
  • Supports MPEG-1, MPEG-2, AVI, MPV & ASF video file formats.
  • No data entry or maintenance of song details required.
Vendor Ross Levis
Demo version AirListDemo2.53.exe
EUR 399.00 (price includes 19% V.A.T.)

Description This script is the glue between AirList and Raduga. Every hour it loads the playlist that was previously created by AirList for this particular hour.
Vendor Volker Boss
Download AutoPlaylist-1.2.zip

Raduga Time Signal
Description Plays a "beep" signal exactly at the top of the hour and optionally at half hours.
Vendor Volker Boss
Download RTSetup.zip

Song Selector
Description Locates songs quickly by genre, artist or album. You can appended songs to the end of the playlist or insert them after the current song. This program uses the Media Library of Windows Media Player 9.
Vendor WoLoSoft
Download SongSelector-1.1.zip

Traffic Manager
Description Traffic Manager is a commercial break builder. The system schedules commercial breaks based on the client's preferences. Traffic Manager creates daily reports for all commercials and client-specific reports.
Vendor Studio MIXX
PriceUSD 100,00 (includes free e-mail support for 1 month)

Raduga Counter
Description This module counts how often each song was played and allows you to create charts for a week, month or year. Just add the Raduga log-files to the system and your statistics is done.
Vendor Studio MIXX
PriceUSD 60,00 (includes free e-mail support for 1 month)

ROnAR News
Description This program recognizes the end of an external news feed based on the mono to stereo switch in the audio signal. If switches the control back to Raduga as soon as the news ends. Very useful for Dutch radio stations using external news feed.
Vendor Hans Katsman
Homepage ROnAR Nieuws (Dutch)